Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Craft Show!

Only half of the pins I will be selling.  All made from eco-friendly wool.  Pink and yellow are hand-dyed by me!  Carrots, tumeric and beets.
Earrings made from gold plated Czech buttons.  Incredible design and detail.

Funky art deco earrings.  Very cute, very unique.

Wire crocheted flower around 1950's paste button.

Bracelet made from Antique Victorian blue tint and red luster metallic buttons.  One of my favorite pieces.

Rings made from vintage buttons.  1920's-1950's.

Crocheted brimmed cap.  I will be taking custom orders at the show.
Well, it's here!  My first craft show.  I am up way too late, so what's a few more minutes updating my blog going to do?  Thought I'd add some photos of my work.  Anything I don't sell will go up on my Etsy page this week.  Wish me luck!