Monday, October 25, 2010

Beet Red

Hubby got back from his week-long trip to Mexico late last night.  So nice to have him back.  As he bathes and tucks in our little ones I am once again boiling wet lamb and simmering a veggie dye.  I'm pretty excited about this one... BEETS!  As many of you may already know, I love a deep red and can't wait to see how this supposed deep red comes out!  Oh yes, and to update you on the "Yellow Experiment", well, let me just say that Carrots along with the help of their friend Tumeric really do make a vibrant yellow.  Tomorrow in full sunlight I plan on taking a photo of the gorgeous yellow flower I made from "Tumeric Gold".  Any thoughts on names for the red I'm working on tonight?  Suggestions are welcome!

As for my day job...I'm still there.  Had an OK day teaching, but my heart is no longer there.  It just plain sucks.  I plan on talking to my boss tomorrow and giving him a deadline.  As far as I know they have no one in line after me. I don't want to leave the students high and dry, but dang, I can't stay there forever.  I've never quit a job before, but this whole two weeks notice thing seems like an awful long time to stay at a job you'd rather be leaving.  I am still totally dreading the day I have to tell my students, but hopefully by then (the end of this week), I'll have many of my products made and my website up.  That way I can tell them that I am leaving because "I want to start my own business".  Otherwise, I'd have to tell them another version of the truth "this job and all its planning is just exhausting and I'm choosing my family over you!" 

As for the new business, all is going well.  Along with lesson planning at night, I've become quite energized by completing my "to do for the business" list. I'm still staying up much later than I should, but it's so worth it.   I am crocheting up a storm, I just got my own PO box, set up my own business-related email account, and I will be ordering my own business cards in the next few days.  Photos coming soon.