Friday, October 22, 2010

Boiling wet sheep

Friday night is here and I've been cookin' up a storm.  It's as if quitting my job freed up some pent up creativity and now I am experiencing a creative tsunami.  Bring it on.   Last night I made two loaves of challah (Shabbat Shalom to those observing) and two batches of cookies for my students today (heavy on the sugar and guilt because I haven't told them I'm leaving yet).  Tonight the calorie load is much lighter. Even though I am in the kitchen and cutting up carrots I'm not really cooking anything.  I feel kind of like a Shakespearean witch hovering between two bubbling cauldrons. Very pagan. Very cool.  Tonight, in fact, I am attempting to dye my eco-friendly untreated wool yarn a bright orange (yes, Unhei your recent request for an orange flower inspired me).  I've taken pictures and hope to add them to the site tomorrow (after the usual Saturday birthday party and swim lesson craziness).  I am simultaneously prepping the yarn by boiling it in vinegar and making the dye by boiling carrots.  Boiling carrots smell OK, but I don't recommend ever boiling untreated wool in a vinegar solution EVER.  Imagine boiling a wet sheep.  This is making me rethink the whole DIY aspect of my home business.  Maybe it would be worth it buy pre-dyed eco-friendly yarns instead of being a hippy and dying them myself.  Although I must admit that I just can't let go of the  picture of myself in the springtime,  wicker basket in hand, elegantly gathering wild flowers for my next batch of home-dyed yarn/crocheted flowers.   Lavender, dandelion, lilies...  Did I mention that I would be singing and wearing flowers in my hair? Birds would be fluttering all around me. I would be some altered Hapa version of Snow White.  I can't let go of the this dream and so I must carry on with this stinky science experiment in my kitchen.  In the Spring I'm sure my kitchen will smell like lavender instead of bovine. Well, until then, may you never have to smell the scent of boiling wet sheep (redundant, I know).