Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A new day called Tuesday

Today I woke up with psychosomatic diarrhea. Gross. I had a great lesson plan ready to go (ironically diarrhea was one of the vocabulary words), but this pit in my stomach was really bothering me. At 8:30am after feeding the kiddos their proper vitamins and medications and brushing their tiny, little teeth, I made the call. It started off as a "sick" phone call, but of course, me being me, the phone call turned into a a "sorry I'm giving my notice because 'I'm giving her all she's got'" conversation. I have from 9 to 12; that's all I've got. I hate conflict and I hate disappointing him and letting down my students, but I really have to do what is right for me. I told him that of course, I would stay and help with "the transition", but I really need to give him a deadline or else I know they will try to squeeze what they can out of me.

Tomorrow I will go to work and put in my all, knowing that my decision to take a new path has been made. For now I will enjoy this new day of this new path. I shall call it Tuesday.