Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's 11pm and I am totally sick to my stomach (again) about telling my wonderful (and I mean that) students that I am quitting.   I hope they understand, but I doubt they will.  Over the last seven weeks we have really gotten to know each other (Adult Education 101: Build Rapport) and I will really miss them.  I feel guilty about leaving them, but I know that they have people knockin' down walls to take my position.  This job was not easy to get.  They had ten candidates, then four, and then....there was one.  My lesson plan is still ready to go, but I just want tomorrow to be over with (and the next day, too). 

I can't help,but think about the office gossip about me, too.  I should really stop it.  I know why I can't stay and that's all that should matter.  My mantra for tomorrow:  "This is the right decision. This is the right decision."  Say it with me.