Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going Global and My First Employee

Finally, after many months of brainstorming, creating, schmoozing, uploading photos and painstakingly writing descriptions, my etsy site is up.  Phew!  All of those details were really starting to drive me crazy. Months ago, when I first thought about opening up a shop on etsy I thought that it would be fairly easy. I hadn't really thought what a PIA it might be to take a decent photo (they still need work, but are acceptable for now) or how to figure out shipping and handling costs. This past weekend while the kids and hubby were away in Philly I vowed to get the shop online.  I felt like a high school senior that waited until the last minute to write my college essays.  The dread, the task of having to put my thoughts down in a clear sensible way, the details!!!  Argh.  Well, I finally did get the site up. It's not perfect, but will do for now.   I only a few pieces of my jewelry and a quirky pair of awesome moose cuff links are up, but my hats will be up in about a week.  The hats are not posted yet, because I decided that photos of the hats perched on a table looking sad and lonely just wouldn't cut it. I needed a model, be her live or not so live. I really wanted a sassy vintage head, but found it nearly impossible to find a vintage mannequin head with brown eyes and dark hair.  Rob finally pointed out that people of the dark persuasion probably weren't so popular "back in the day".  After scouring the internet, I did  finally find "my girl".  Isn't she cute with black hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes, lots of  eyeliner and a cute painted bob.   Very sassy and asian-esque like me!  Maybe some of you can come up with a nice name of the newest member of the Safi Stitches team!  So, if you haven't already, go ahead, take a peek at the website and maybe even buy something for someone special!  Please remember that the hats will be on their way soon!  And hey, Happy Holidays!