Monday, December 27, 2010

Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap! (OK, a little more than 50 cents a cap).

Finally, I finished two hats and managed to post them on my etsy site!  Thanks to the blizzard I had some extra time to do a little bit of work.  I've been selling  quite a few of my hats locally, so this is my first time selling the hats online.  I hope people like them.

As for the jewelry, we have much to celebrate because thanks to two of my wonderful friends out in Cali, I made my first etsy sales a few days ago.  It has been amazing to see it all work.  They choose which pieces they want, click, click, click, I get paid, I send it out, it's all good.  Although, I must admit that since the blizzard snowed me in, their packages will be sent early tomorrow morning instead of today.  I think they'll understand.

It actually worked out great because it gave me a chance to include our hilarious holiday cards (see above photo).  It  is not even 9:00 pm yet, so I think I'll be headed to the local packy and buying a bottle of wine to celebrate my etsy sales and hat postings.  Thinking of you and Happy Holidays!