Sunday, October 23, 2011

This week: Etsy and Harry Potter

Yup, it's Sunday night and I'm up choosing just the right photos to post in my etsy shop and then I'm off to put the finishing touches on my son's Harry Potter robe.  All you sewers out there (you know, people who sew, not the contraption that collects waste),  you rock!  I was foolish enough to think that slippery costume satin would be easy to sew. Doh!  Boy was I wrong.  I was also wrong in thinking that making a robe with lining would be easy. Wrong again!  Oh well, I was just reminiscing about all the time I spent last year setting up my Etsy site and about how much easier it is this year.  It's still very time consuming, but I'm just not stressed about.  The whole jewelry making/promoting process has become so much more streamlined and I can finally say, "Aaaaaah...this is rewarding and relaxing!"  By the way, what do you think of those glass snowflake flower earrings?  Cute, huh? :)