Thursday, March 1, 2012


 So, there I was sitting in my studio looking at all of my pretty buttons and lamenting that they had no pairs.  No romantic partners after all these years.  So sad.  I looked at the lonely rhinestones, the solo glass buttons and the shy little  blue upholstery button just sitting there in a box with no one to admire them.  I had to liberate them! Show them off to the world!  One thing let to another and Safi Stitches wine glass charms were born!  Wine glass charms should be classy, fancy, and unique. So it makes sense that antique and vintage buttons would be the perfect medium for them.  Below are a few photos of some of the sets I have made.  Most are made form glass (clear and black), but some are metal and even metalized plastic,too.  All are at least 40 years old some are even from the mid 1800's and all are unique and funky.  Sweet and just in time for wedding season:). 
The Buttons in this set are mainly glass. The blue one to the left is an upholstery buttons and the one furthest to the right and a popper.  Notice the smoky glass on the sides and the glitter in the middle.  Years ago, fish scales were used to add glimmer to some buttons. 


Black glass and fancy.

I LOVE the flower button in the middle!  Black glass and gold.  The beauty to the right of the flower has a mother of pearl center and the one next to that is a cut steel Victorian button.

Light blue and gold and a beautiful Amber Rhinestone button!