Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thanks for the challenge!

NYC Token Earrings.  Funky, unique, and damn well made.
What started off as a headband turned into an unique and classy wire crochet necklace.  Fancy!
I just love it when my friends pose challenges to me.  They just get to thinking and then they say things like, "Have you thought about making wire hair bands?"  or "I have a friend that loves New York. Could you make some New York-related earrings for her?"  From those two requests were born two really cute ideas.  My first lady friend inspired me to make a hand crochet wire necklace with a vintage button centerpiece and my second lady friend planted a very annoying seed in my head.  New York?  New York?  I looked for railway uniform cuff buttons, but, dang, the silver-tone ones are wicked hard to find.  Then, I thought about tokens...  Hmmmmm.. And so were born my NYC subway token earrings  They took some creativity and fancy wire work, but who could say "no" to this challenge?  I am proud to say that I stepped up to the played and lo and behold, the NYC token earrings were born.  All I can say is, "Keep the ideas comin', Ladies!  You rock!"

And now I am off to make my own yoga straps for my first beginner yoga class this Sunday.  Wish me luck!