Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Talk

Today we a had a great student-centered lesson where we asked each other if we had various ailments ("Do you have the flu?") and answered with the proper responses ("Yes, I do" of "No, I don't") (it was essentially an ESL medical version of Go Fish.)  This lesson was followed by the much dreaded "talk" with my boss.  Thankfully, it went very well, although I must give him credit for his persistence.  "No, really, I know this is the second time you've said you are quitting, but you aren't feeling well today.  How about you think about this some more and quit on a day you are feeling great, a day when the sun is shining and the birds are singing."  He is too much.  I looked at him through my blood-shot elephant eyes and said, "Jeez, you're like the boyfriend who just won't let me break up with him (although in all honesty, I never had one of those)."  I went through the extended list of reasons why I can't stay while repeating my "This is the right decision" mantra in my head.  In the end, he agreed that I had my priorities straight (family first) although he's sad to see me go.  I said that I would help with the transition and that was that.  I guess they'll be looking for a new teacher which shouldn't be too hard and once they find one, I'll tell my students. That my friends, will be a very tough day for me.  I will have to treat myself and others to drinks and sushi after work on that day.

Other than that, all is good.  I ordered more white yarn for future crocheted-naturally-dyed flowers and am working on a new hat design tonight.  It feels so good to be creative again. Aaaaaaah.